April 2012

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  • Dining Out for Life 2012

    There’s a simply delicious way you can support a great cause on April 26. It’s CARES’ annual Dining Out for Life fundraiser. Just choose your favorite restaurant that day and at least 25% of your bill will help fight AIDS in Southwest Michigan. Go to Click here for a list of participating restaurants. Many of […]

  • Prison Sentences and HIV

    A fellow peer brought this video to my attention. I am amazed to hear and see that a person’s HIV status can play such a huge role in determining their prison punishment (years they have to serve in prison). This video shines a light on several stories from those who are HIV positive and have […]

  • HIV Disparity Between Black & White Gay Men

    Below is an article that speaks about why there may be such huge differences between black and white gay men when it comes to HIV infection.  There is a lot of speculation as to why there is such inequality between gay black and white men and HIV: incarceration, circumcision, how long someone had been infected, […]