Weekly HIV News Updates 07-09-2013

Every week we have a “newsletter” which gets emailed to CARES staff and board members.  Its purpose is to highlight recent HIV-related news from the United States as well as other countries.  A short informational teaser lets everyone know what each news item is about and a link is included at the end for those who have an interest in reading the story in its entirety.  We pull information from various news, government and health-related websites, as well as personal blogs.  From time to time we include links to webinars that might be useful in the work that we do.

Here is this week’s update:

PrEP for Women?

PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) is taking HIV meds when an individual is still HIV negative in order to reduce their risk of becoming HIV positive. Several PrEP methods have proven largely ineffective in studies held in sub-Saharan Africa.  To find out the latest PrEP developments for women, TheBody.com spoke with Valery Hughes, a nurse practitioner who has been providing HIV care since the beginning of the epidemic. Today, she’s helping to run a PrEP study just for women — and it’s enrolling now.

Read the article by Olivia Ford at:



Updates Available From The 7th International AIDS Society Conference

Last week, Dr. Carl Dieffenbach from NIH/NIAID shared reports from the 7th International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment, and Prevention (IAS 2013) . Some important highlights of the conference included:

  • Long-term HIV treatment strategies;
  • The value of the HIV treatment cascade
  • Significant advances in HIV treatment.

Held every two years, the conference is held every two years and allows scientists, clinicians, public health experts and community leaders to examine the latest developments in HIV-related research

Dr. Dieffenbach’s daily dispatches from IAS 2013 are available on the AIDS.gov YouTube channel.

While the IAS Conference has ended, a great deal of information about the scientific research released at the conference is available for those who would like to learn more. The conference’s Programme-at-a Glance  includes links to session videos, slide sets with audio, reports and other content.

Learn more at:  http://blog.aids.gov/2013/07/dr-carl-dieffenbach-key-developments-in-hiv-research-from-ias-2013.html


Social Work Students and HIV In The Classroom

“Social worker and longtime HIV activist Terri Wilder didn’t take an “HIV and Social Work” class at either her undergraduate or graduate institutions — because such a course wasn’t offered. Now, Wilder teaches the class she never got to take, to a group of budding social workers as a professor at Fordham University. We caught up with four students from Wilder’s “HIV and Social Work” graduate course … and asked them about why they took the class, how social work fits into the field of HIV treatment and care, and how the course is helping them become better professionals.”

Read more at: http://www.thebodypro.com/content/71458/hiv-in-the-classroom-social-work-students-discuss-.html?getPage=1&ic=700100




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