Weekly HIV News Updates 08-06-2013

Every week we have a “newsletter” which gets emailed to CARES staff and board members.  Its purpose is to highlight recent HIV-related news from the United States as well as other countries.  A short informational teaser lets everyone know what each news item is about and a link is included at the end for those who have an interest in reading the story in its entirety.  We pull information from various news, government and health-related websites, as well as personal blogs.  From time to time we include links to webinars that might be useful in the work that we do.

Here is this week’s update:

Plant Compound May Inhibit HIV Infection

“It’s in the early stages, but genistein, derived from soybeans and other plants, shows promise in inhibiting the HIV infection, says Yuntao Wu, a professor with the George Mason-based National Center for Biodefense and Infectious Diseases and the Department of Molecular and Microbiology.

“Genistein is a “tyrosine kinase inhibitor” that works by blocking the communication from a cell’s surface sensors to its interior. Found on a cell’s surface, these sensors tell the cell about its environment and also communicate with other cells. HIV uses some of these surface sensors to trick the cell to send signals inside. These signals change cell structure so that the virus can get inside and spread infection.

Genistein blocks the signal and stops HIV from finding a way inside the cell. It takes a different approach than the standard antiretroviral drug used to inhibit HIV.”

Read the article at: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/07/130729133632.htm


HIV Status Disclosed On Dating Websites

Some users have filed a class action suit against SuccessfulMatch.com for posting their HIV and STD statuses on multiple websites, violating confidentiality promises. The suit alleges that HIV- and STD-infected clients were lured to join SuccessfulMatch.com’s PositiveSingles.com site by promising that the site would keep their profiles anonymous. Claimants charged that SuccessfulMatch shared personal information entered into the PositiveSingles.com site with thousands of other websites operated by SuccessfulMatch.

Visit: http://www.thebody.com/content/72338/lawsuit-claims-dating-sites-disclose-statuses.html?ic=700100


Smoking and HIV

TheBody.com recently featured a question in their “Ask The Experts” forum about smoking and its effects on HIV.  The facts based on a recent study speak for themselves:

*Increased risk of dying for an HIV-infected smoker compared to an HIV+ nonsmoker: 4 times

*Life expectancy of a 35 year old HIV-infected patient who smokes: 62 years

*Life expectancy of a 35 year old HIV-infected patient who never smoked: 78 years

*Total years lost due to smoking: 12.3 (!)

Read the complete Q&A at: http://www.thebody.com/Forums/AIDS/Meds/Q228803.html?ic=700101

If you would like to read a first-hand account of how one HIV+ smoker kicked the habit, read  Bob Leahy’s blog at:  http://www.thebody.com/content/72108/how-to-say-i-quit–and-mean-it.html?ic=700100





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