Our Values

Recognizing our shared humanity with the people we serve, these core values guide us:

  • Diversity & Inclusivity

    We recruit and employ staff, volunteers, and board members who reflect the community we serve. We intentionally engage in activities that create an environment of learning, sharing and openness about different cultures.

  • Collaboration

    Recognizing that partnerships enhance the capacity for change, we actively collaborate internally across departments and externally with other organizations and individuals.

  • Innovation

    We adapt to the changing environment at local, state and federal levels with fearlessness. We are leaders in our approach to serving our community – we do this by retaining the qualities that have made CARES exceptional, and by fostering advocacy, since service-delivery alone does not create systemic change.

  • Good Stewardship

    We take good care of what is entrusted to us: this includes the health of those we serve, donor funds, property, and information.

  • Respectful Communication

    We are direct and open in our communication and dissemination of information. We use skills such as active listening to build trust within our teams.

We serve the community with health information and support.

CARES was established in 1985 by a group of volunteers looking to make a difference. We started by offering peer support to people living with HIV.

We’ve stood the test of time to become the only community-based non-profit AIDS organization that serves 10 counties in Southwest Michigan. CARES is the second largest HIV/AIDS service provider in the state, and well-respected by state departments and other non-profits.

 The CARES Prevention Team provides FREE HIV testing and health education across Southwest Michigan. Our certified team educates on HIV transmission, using PrEP/PEP, and HIV stigma.

Case managers support clients with insurance enrollment, medical scheduling, medical transportation, referrals ranging from food assistance programs to mental health care, emergency housing assistance, and more.