Let's Quit Tobacco Cessation Group

Let’s Quit! We’ll meet you where you’re at.

Are you a smoker or tobacco user living with HIV? We can help! We offer free resources that can help you stay informed and allow you to swiftly quit tobacco whenever you are ready!

Meet Your Tobacco Coach
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Love Chambers: Tobacco Cessation Specialist at Cares

Meet Your Tobacco Coach!

Hi, I’m Love!

When you join our Tobacco Cessation Program, you will work closely with Love to develop a system that works for your situation. She will give you tools to help you quit on your own terms.


Quit Kits

Made to help you quit.

We have tool-kits full of tools and sensory assistants to get you through those hard cravings.


Support Groups

Talk to people who get it.

At Cares, we offer monthly tobacco support groups for people who are living with HIV and quitting tobacco.